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  • Sausage & Potatoes

    Sausage & Potatoes



    Serves 8

    • 3 LBS Premio Cheese & Basil Sausage OR Premio Tomato, Garlic & Rosemary (I mix the two, whatever I have on hand)
    • 2-3 lbs red skinned potatoes, skin on, cut into bite size chunks
    • 3 bell peppers (I use one of each, red, yellow and orange, but you can use whatever comibination/color bell peppers you like) seeded, and sliced into thin strips
    • 1 large vidalia/sweet onion, cut in half, then sliced thinly
    • Olive oil, about 1/4 cup
    • Lemon pepper seasoning, about 1 - 2 tbsps, depending on taste
    • Salt (if your lemon pepper seasoning is salt-free) about 1 tsp

    How to make Sausage & Potatoes:

    First broil or grill sausage until outside is well browned. Let cool then cut into bite size chunks. Mixed together with potatoes, peppers and onions in large rectangular casserole/baking dish. Toss with olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning and salt. Bake covered for 1 hour at 400 degrees, or until potatoes are tender. If you like the potatoes browned a bit, remove cover last 15 minutes or so.

    This dish reheats well. It's great served with a chunk of fresh bread and a salad on the side! And can easily be doubled, tripled, etc to feed a large crowd. Does well in sternos for easy, make-ahead, delicious, homemade party food!

    Disclaimer: “The recipes you find here are considered, by Premio Foods Inc., to be gluten-free. However, we do not take responsibility or have control over the brand of ingredients that you choose to use to make these recipes, nor the environment in which you are making them. Certain brands of the listed ingredients may not be gluten-free; to ensure that these recipes are truly gluten-free, please double check the label of your chosen ingredient to make sure it doesn’t contain any gluten or wasn’t processed in an environment that contains other gluten foods. Premio Foods Inc., is not responsible or liable for any actions that might result from following and/or trying the posted recipes.” 


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